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SXC Business Suite

Business Management Solutions for Factories, Trading Houses and Service Industries.

Multi-warehouse, Multi-User system where you can control the authorization for each User. The architecture is 'Client - Server' based and the database can be hosted on Private Server / Cloud Server so that employees can work from anywhere.

Product licenses can be obtained on Subscription (SaaS) basis, as well as on a perpetual basis (One-time purchase). Details of pricing and On-line purchase can be from viewed from your account after you Register(free) and Login .

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you install it on your own computer, then the software does NOT need Internet connection once installed and configured.

You can do all your transactions - Totally Offline.

The data is always yours. It is stored in the database connected to the application and you can always export it in excel. However, your users will be able to export it only if they have the authorization for that. Such authorizations can be set in SXC Business Suite for each user.

You can also have your own Server on the cloud or in your office if you prefer that.

You can create as many users as you want. You can also arrange them in the hierarchy based on who is reporting to whom in the company.

The no. of users who can work con-currently / simultaneously will be based on the no. of licenses purchased.

Please register on and then you may submit a 'Consulting Request'.

Or, please call us on Phone / WhatsApp on +91 828 714 2800 to discuss your requirements.

Yes, you can access your data from anywhere if you create your database on the Sunwheel Server.

You can also have your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) and access your data from anywhere if that is required.

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