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sXc Business Suite

sXc Business Suite

2 Reviews

Add Wings to your business. Simple yet comprehensive solution to manage purchase, sales, inventory management needs of your business. Multi-warehouse, multi-user system with granular access-control, and features include functionality for manufacturing, project management and CRM.

Business Billing Mantra

2 Reviews

Business Billing Mantra is your next step in putting processes into place. It ensures quick and accurate billing, giving your peace of mind.

B2CBizPlat - Online Shopping Portal

2 Reviews

B2CBizPlat is a self configurable and easily manageable online shopping portal for your products.

RecruitPlus - Redifining Manpower Processing

2 Reviews

Manage the vacancies and team of your HR Consulting business and never lose track of what's producing results in your business.
Tried and tested over many years to give you total control and improve the efficiency of your entire team.
No more wasting time by your team on daily work reports or monthly analysis reports.


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